American T-shirt Brand 2021!

Come out at once you know what i mean at. The same time. It’s also kind of like she’s laying in a. Bed she just got up and the sheets are. All rumpled. Yeah there’s something that’s like so. Beautiful about the dress and like i. Think she looks just. Great i like that it’s white and it’s. Elegant. But it contrasts nicely with the tattoos. And the you know the rocker. Rocker girl like i’m a badass yeah look. At these rings. Right like i’m clearly bad like. I’m a badass but then the white is like. No but. I’m a fairy i’m an angel i think that’s. Probably what they were going for you. Know. Totally this toilet they were going for. Phoebe. Baby bridgers she also looks like one of. My students on halloween. She looks like a teacher on halloween. She does she looks like me.
On halloween it sucks i mean. Come on what is it okay let’s see i i. Like skeletons i like skulls i got. Skulls all over my body. Yeah you know because i’m a tatted batty. Totally i’m a tatted patty. They said don’t date a tatted baddie let. Me show you what you’re missing. So what in a high fashion take on her. Signature skeleton onesie so this is. Something she does often is this like. Part of her brand that we’re not aware. Of. It probably is and the bridge stands are. Gonna come for us the bridge or tens. No hands up come on no hands up. We don’t mean it yeah yeah you didn’t. You know if you’re meeting no if you’re. Part of the golden gate bridges. Which is her fandom if you’re part of. The phoebe buffet. As a third party here with no impression. Of her at all this outfit sucks if we. Know nothing about her we just saw this. We’re thinking. She kind of looks like moira rose on. Halloween lizzo and balmain. Lizzo i love it i feel like it kind of. Has like. It looks like are these prom vibes it. Looks like that old. Ipod nano boom what i never knew that. Existed oh my god it was like the first. Oh look it like used to see it was like. Metallica used to shimmer. That’s like the exact same it is she’s. Kind of channeling that ipod. And she is spewing out hits. Just like an ipod would okay nice i like. That. Oh baby another. One of my crushes this is wild this is. This is wild so sick though it’s so. Sick pretty sick you know we love when a. Guy. Spices it up it’s like a little too. Spicy well it’s like ow. Ow bit more oh it’s too spicy. Ow that hurt it’s br it’s bridging it’s. Phoebe. Bridging it’s on the line of like a. Little ed hardy. Like a little bit like okay a little bit. Like. It’s like a little gaudy kind of like.

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