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This is the first time you’ve been here with In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt. Yeah .I don’t know why .Thank you for having me .Welcome .Such a huge yes .I’m co-hosting .Yes .That’s my job .I just have to .whatever she says, I do .What are you doing here? He echos whatever I say .You’re supposed to say, “I.echo whatever she says.” Yeah, “I echo.whatever she says.” That’s right .Very good .Wow .

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He reminds me so much.of myself at that age .Oh .Thank you .Not .Not .You played my dad.in Finding Dory .Yes .Did you know that? We were both cartoons .Yes, we were .And I played your mother-in-law .In Killers .Yes .But people saw their movie .Well, I know .But ours Do I hear big applause, say how.many people didn’t see Killer? Oh, you liars! That’s weird .You played my dad, and you.played his mother-in-law .It’s like a family affair .It is a family thing .So it’s like three degrees .Yes it is .Yes .I’m with you, here .So you’ve worked.together for how long? 83 Wow .You know, it is.probably 40 years? Wow .Yeah .40 years .From SCTV .Right? SCTV .Second City Theater .Well, Second City Theater we.started in Second City Theater back in the mid ’70s .And Catherine could have been.the youngest person, maybe, to get into Second City .Good old days .You were maybe 19? That was the good.old days when you could get in off the street .And you didn’t have to go.through all the classes .

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Really? And Catherine replaced And I got in right.off the street .She replaced Gilda.Radner in our company .I did, God bless her .In our Toronto company .I did, yeah .And that SCTV was such.a great show, too .I mean, that’s.amazing that you all have worked together so long .Well, the inmates were running.the asylum on that one .I don’t know whether.you could ever do that again, you know,.where you can actually put a show together, run it,.and not have anybody tell you what to do .Yeah .It was Don’t you do that? Kind of .But you know, we’re.all on the same page .I don’t try to veer too far off .You just got a very big honor .You got is it the Order? What is it called? Yes, the Order of Canada .Yes .So it’s like the.Medal of Freedom here .It’s like, that’s That’s right! Congratulations .You have that .First you get a.beautiful medallion .Well, you get a medal .What all do you get? Big medallion, and a title .I think in the old.days when we were Did you get one, too? Yeah, right here .Sure .In fact, Eugene got it for me .He nominated me.and wrote a very apparently a.very lovely letter .Oh .That’s amazing .Yes, and well-deserved,.well, well, well-deserved .Oh, thank you, darling .It’s a big honor .It’s like the Medal.of Freedom, right? Were you moved? Were you like, really Yes .It was a beautiful ceremony .And you know, you go and you.nod to the Governor General, Her Excellency Julie Payette .And then you stand on a.podium beneath this portrait of the Queen, and.this lovely young girl reads your citation,.which tells the crowd why you deserve to be there .And they said some very.nice things about and this is after scientists.and humanitarians and teachers .And Alex Trebek is.in there, right? He was .Yeah, he went to a.different ceremony .But yes, he just got.it last year, too .Yeah, science? And Alex Trebek? I mean, he’s one of the.smarter people on the planet .I was No, wait, wait .Sorry, sorry .But they have all.these accomplished, amazingly accomplished people .So then I get up, and they.read my citation, tells why I’m there, and then the.girl says, “Her current project is ” and I looked at her .”You’re not going to say it.” She said, Schitt’s Creek . Thank you .I have to bleep you .OK .I got to bleeped? Yeah, because it’s daytime .So when you say Schitt’s.Creek ,, I have to say No .Yeah .I can say Schitt’s Creek,. but I have to do that .Oh, that’s up .Oh!

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You have to warn me .If you’re going to say .up, if you say up I’m sorry! I was So we can’t say.any that’s not Can’t say that .Check please! If we say anything.that’s across that line Let me know . You’re going to hit the thing? Yes, because it’s .up you didn’t tell me that you were going.to say up .I mean, it’s one that’s.Schitt’s Creek ,, but to say up.on top of I’m for not telling you .What the is going on? I’m sorry! All right .That was I’m sorry I wouldn’t let.you speak right then .I had to finish that lame story.just so I could say the word .Yes .I don’t say bad words .Right .I don’t say.bad words either .Tell us about Schitt’s Creek . Oh, yeah .It’s the .I mean, Nick and I,. Mila and I are always looking for a.show where we’re I’m just saying my wife’s name! That’s not even a thing! But you started to But we knew what.you were thinking! Oh .Next one .We’re always trying to find.a show that we both love .And we were watching this .And she looks at me, and.she’s like, do you like it? And I’m like, this is fantastic .And now this is our new show.because it’s the It’s the Creek .Wow .Please, people .The whole segment’s.going to be this . So tell everyone.what Schitt’s Creek is about .Schitt’s Creek just got.nominated for a Critic’s Choice Award .I know . For that.That’s fantastic .Very, very clever .Very funny .The little engine that could.finally got to a train station .What is it about? Well, it’s if you.haven’t seen it it’s about a very wealthy family.who lose everything and end up moving to a town that.they once bought as a joke because the town was.called Schitt’s Creek . Yes .And now the only place.they can afford to live is the town that they.bought as a joke .That’s kind of the.premise of the show .Yeah, and it’s But it’s really about a family.learning to become a family .They were not a family,.really, when they had money .Right .It’s really funny .And especially, when you first.establishing when you get there and it’s like so you have to.start from the beginning to see what they have to, the shock.that you have when you start living there, is Well, they’re now living.in two adjoining motel rooms in Schitt’s Creek . So they have adult? Their adult children .Oh .Not adult motel .I thought adult got bleeped .No, no .You said the name of the show .I got confused .Boy, like also, your.kids are in the show .Well, son .Son .My son and my daughter, Sara .Yeah .And your daughter? Wow! Yeah, Sara plays Twila .I knew that was your son .I didn’t know that.was your daughter .The waitress at the No, not the daughter in the No, I know .But I didn’t know that.there was Sara in the show .Oh, yes .Yeah, my son Dan plays my my actual son Dan plays.my son David on the show .And it was really.important to figure out who we would cast as the.mother, because you know, the looks were so important .My wife, Deb You’re married? Very, very.attractive, fair-haired, Irish descent, and Catherine.O’Hara, very attractive, fair-haired Irish descent .It took it had nothing to do.with talent, hiring Catherine on that show .It was so hard to find a.fair-haired, young Irish girl .Yeah .They don’t exist .They’re rare .Yeah .His wife’s the only.Levy not in the show .I’m sorry, Debbie .Because you guys have.worked together so often, people think that.you’re together often .Yeah .Does that happen? It has happened .I tell them that .You’re just like,.this is my boo? Maybe that’s where.they’re getting the idea .I don’t know .You two live here .This is your living room, right? Yeah .Oh yeah, we live here .Yeah .Mila It really started.after Over the Hedge where we played two hedgehogs.in that animated movie .It was, are you really married? Well, you really are .No, I mean I can’t imagine.how people would think that you would be married.to someone that you’ve worked with in the past .Like, I don’t know .That would be Isn’t it odd? What’s wrong with people? Why would people think.something like that? That would never happen Gearbubble – In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt.Never happen .Hey, listen .Schitt’s Creek. holiday special airs Wednesday, December.19, at 10:00 .And the fifth season of.Schitt’s Creek premiers January 16 on Pop TV .We’ll be right back .Check that out .

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